biology - Ability to harden skin at will

Already exists Echinoderm skin already does everything you want. Starfish are your best match, they have both fast hardening and very hard structures when hardened. The skin must go from being elas... Read More

xenobiology - How would photo IDs work for shapeshifters?

Here's the thing; any form of identification, whether it be a letter of passage from the King, a passport, a photo ID, a biometric signature, a PIN - they all require a singular ubiquitous element in... Read More

biology - Does all life have to use Proteins?

I think it is more likely that the amino acid based proteins we use today are not the only way to go, but something very similar might be used on other planets. The niche proteins fit are very obviou... Read More

xenobiology - Planets days and orbital period

Presumably this is a rocky, approximately-Earthlike-in-all-other-respects planet since you're asking about life. The long orbital period means your planet is further away from its star; I don't know... Read More

science based - What genetic modifications would make easier for humans to survive on a volcanic planet?

Changing the digestive systems of the colonists is highest priority, allowing them to digest and gain nutrition from the indigenous lifeforms. The volcanoes may be releasing toxic gases which need to... Read More

biology - What minerals that are more durable than calcium would be suitable for bones?

Bones are really fantastic, from an engineering point of view. We intensively use them for 80+ years with practically no big issues and they can even self repair, while whatever thing we engineer des... Read More

science based - Mass effect: alternative reason for asari illusionism

Others have covered the 'why', with Asari being brood parasites for sentient beings, but perhaps some idea of 'how' might be useful. As @Kevin points out, the illusory effect is present even in pictu... Read More

science based - What kind of organs, anatomy or modifications are needed for my alpha creature to mind control its kin?

It won't require much It doesn't need to be incredibly complex. All it requires is just a biological base for them. It can be an instinct, like a horse knowing to walk quickly after birth, a human kn... Read More

flora - Xenotaxonomy: the Science of Categorizing Extraterrestrial Life

Stable? Impossible. Large changes to Earth's taxonomy have changed even in the last 20 years. As we get more into using DNA to map things more changes happen. We've discovered that things that look a... Read More

xenobiology - What would be the characteristics of life on a high surface gravity Earth-like planet

Though Agapwlesu is correct in that this is a very broad question, I'll try to give you something to get started on. We'll start as broad as it gets: the overarching ecology. A High-Gravity-Earthlike... Read More