Risk Budgets with Target Portfolio Volatility

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volatility - HFT to blame for Flash Crashes?

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options - arbitrage free volatility surface

You'll find here that in terms of European option prices , the absence of calendar arbitrage writes $$ \frac{\tilde{C}(k\, F(0,t2),t2)}{F(0,t2)} \geq \frac{\tilde{C}(k \, F(0,t1),t1)}{F(0,t1)}, \fora... Read More

variance - Negative high frequency intraday volatility - Zhou estimator

In any finite sample, it is always possible for the Zhou estimator to return a negative number, even though we know the unobservable parameter being estimated is non-negative. This is a well known is... Read More

Estimate Beta of CAPM from Implied Volatility?

Yes it is a better way. Just take a look to figure 3, from Buss and Vilkov (2012, RFS):... Read More

options - How is volatility different from variance?

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volatility - Black's Approximation - Discrete dividend for Put Options

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volatility - Can classical economics explain *any* of the so-called stylized facts of finance?

I would argue that indeed none of the so-called stylized facts you mentioned can be explained by classical economic theory. That there was a gross delta between the predictions of classical economic... Read More

black scholes - Hedging with different volatility (Ahmad and Wilmott paper)

The choice of hedging strategy cannot affect the expected p/l, because hedging just consists of doing at-market purchases or sales of the underlying, each of which have zero expected value at the tim... Read More

volatility - Science behind options pricing into Earnings event

You discuss the behavior of stock prices after an earnings announcement. There is a significant amount of academic research on this topic (called post-earnings-announcement drift). It basically finds... Read More