In VS Code, disable error "Comments are not permitted in JSON"

Follow these steps: Click on the letters JSON in the bottom right corner. (A drop-down will appear to "Select the Language Mode.") Select "Configure File Association for '.json'..." Type jsonc an... Read More

vscode settings - How to disable preview file with single-click in vs code?

From vscode 1.20 : "workbench.list.openMode": "doubleClick",... Read More

Open multiple Projects/Folders in Visual Studio Code

Not sure why the simplest solution is not mentioned. You can simply do File>New Window and open the other project in the new window.... Read More

vscode settings - Removing the file preview on the right side of the editor in VS Code

This is called the minimap, and, as stated in that link, If you would like to disable minimap, you can set "editor.minimap.enabled": false in your user or workspace settings. Once you save the sett... Read More

Visual Studio Code change font size for file explorer tray?

I've found that setting the zoom level in settings.json works well for this: "window.zoomLevel": 1... Read More

Visual Studio Code always asking for git credentials

Last updated: 05 March, 2019 After 98 upvotes, I think I need to give a true answer with the explanation. Why does VS code ask for a password? Because VSCode runs the auto-fetch feature, while git se... Read More

vscode settings - Moving Panel in Visual Studio Code to right side

As of October 2018 (version 1.29) the button in @mvvijesh's answer no longer exists. You now have 2 options. Right click the panel's toolbar (nowhere else on the panel will work) and choose "move pan... Read More

python - Linter pylint is not installed

Check the path pylint has been installed to, by typing which pylint on your terminal. You will get something like: /usr/local/bin/pylint Copy it. Go to your vscode settings on the preferences tab an... Read More

visual studio code - How to export VSCode settings?

With the current version of VSCode as of this writing (1.22.1), you can find your settings in ~/.config/Code/User on Linux (in my case, an, Ubuntu derivative) C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Code\... Read More

visual studio code - VSCode showing only one file in the tab bar (can't open multiple files)

On a mac, if both of the existing answers didn't work, you can try command + ctrl + w, worked for me.... Read More