vim - How to replace text between quotes in vi

Use ci", which means: change what inside the double quotes. You can also manipulate other text objects in a similar way, e.g.: ci' - change inside the single quotes ciw - change inside a word ci(... Read More

vi - Renaming the current file in Vim

The command is called :saveas, but unfortunately it will not delete your old file, you'll have to do that manually. see :help saveas for more info. EDIT: Most vim installations have an integrated fil... Read More

How to do case insensitive search in Vim

You can use the \c escape sequence anywhere in the pattern. For example: /\ccopyright or /copyright\c or even /copyri\cght To do the inverse (case sensitive matching), use \C (capital C) instead.... Read More

Vim split line command

r Enter while on whitespace will do it. That's two keystrokes.... Read More

vim - How do I yank all matching lines into one buffer?

:g/^match/yank A This runs the global command to yank any line that matches ^match and put it in register a. Because a is uppercase, instead of just setting the register to the value, it will append... Read More

git ignore vim temporary files

Vim temporary files end with ~ so you can add to the file .gitignore the line *~ Vim also creates swap files that have the swp and swo extensions. to remove those use the lines: *.swp *.swo This wi... Read More

How can I open a Shell inside a Vim Window?

Neovim and Vim 8.2 support this natively via the :ter[minal] command. See terminal-window in the docs for details.... Read More

How can I delete the current file in vim?

Using an external tool such as rm (1) is fine, but Vim also has its own delete() function for deleting files. This has the advantage of being portable. :call delete(expand('%')) An alternative way of... Read More

vim - how to change editor behavior in intellij idea

disable below option in menu bar. Tools -> VimEmulator(Ctrl + Alt + V)... Read More

vim - Yank entire file

I use the following instruction: :%y+... Read More