javascript - console.log() shows the changed value of a variable before the value actually changes

Console.log() is passed a reference to the object, so the value in the Console changes as the object changes. To avoid that you can: console.log(JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(c))) MDN warns: Please be w... Read More

Where are constant variables stored in C?

How they are stored is an implementation detail (depends on the compiler). For example, in the GCC compiler, on most machines, read-only variables, constants, and jump tables are placed in the text s... Read More

Set a path variable with spaces in the path in a Windows .cmd file or batch file

Try something like this: SET MY_PATH=C:\Folder with a space "%MY_PATH%\MyProgram.exe" /switch1 /switch2... Read More

How to modify a global variable within a function in bash?

When you use a command substitution (ie the $(...) construct), you are creating a subshell. Subshells inherit variables from their parent shells, but this only works one way - a subshell cannot modif... Read More

database - How to store Query Result in variable using mysql

Surround that select with parentheses. SET @v1 := (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM user_rating); SELECT @v1;... Read More

types - In WebGL what are the differences between an attribute, a uniform, and a varying variable?

Copied directly from The actual site has much more detailed information and would be worthwhile to check out. Variable... Read More

Dynamic variable names in Bash

I've been looking for better way of doing it recently. Associative array sounded like overkill for me. Look what I found: suffix=bzz declare prefix_$suffix=mystr ...and then... varname=prefix_$suffi... Read More

PHP - concatenate or directly insert variables in string

Between those two syntaxes, you should really choose the one you prefer :-) Personally, I would go with your second solution in such a case (Variable interpolation) , which I find easier to both writ... Read More

c++ - How do I get the type of a variable?

You can use the typeid operator: #include <typeinfo> ... cout << typeid(variable).name() << endl;... Read More