seo - Tagging different currency pages for multi-currency webshop

I think you should be trying to use rel=canonical pointing to the page that you want indexed by Google. In the event that you do want two of the same pages ranking on Google for some reason because o... Read More

url - How to handle duplicate product pages for SEO?

Yes, it is. To solve this situation, should add a "canonical link" to one of the product pages. This addresses your situation perfectly: Canonical Links That would inform search engines where the ori... Read More

seo - My site disappeared from Google search, how long does it take to get back?

There is no set timetable. The best you can do is clean it up quickly and place a re-inclusion request. Then you get to wait...... Read More

seo - How to allow Google to index protected content?

This is not a good idea and no, you cannot trust these IP ranges. The IP addresses used by Google are not public. But some/most search engine crawlers can be identified by doing a reverse DNS lookup... Read More

seo - rel="Canonical": Ranking Benefits ? & specifying for PDF?

The ranking benefit is essentially that you prevent duplication. For example, you have a page of content,, but for whatever reason, the same page exists with parameters, e.g., exampl... Read More

seo - Are page ranks for subdomains independent?

John Conde's answer, which is currently voted #1, is wrong because of an overly pedantic emphasis on PageRank, which is both a) a formula which is detailed in a publicly accessible research paper and... Read More

seo - rel="nofollow" on randomly generated internal links

Showing random post from your site is a pretty common practice, adding rel="nofollow" to such links makes no sense at all because it goes against what nofollow really means. nofollow just indicates t... Read More

How do you evaluate SEO/SEM companies? What are common services/prices?

SEO in my personal opinion, really is more of basics your web developer should be doing from the start of building your site. There are some optimizations you can do along the way if you're unable to... Read More

seo - Create a way for Googlebot to find the deep pages in my site when users would find these pages via site search

One way to do this would be with sitemap pages. These pages would have a list of links to all the business pages on your site. While you can't actually hide these pages from users, you can make them... Read More

seo - Building links towards Category Pages?

There isn't really any normal or natural link profile. In general most incoming links will go to the home page, but some sites will have large numbers of links to certain individual pages when they a... Read More