search engines - Does including the site name in a link help me to get more pages indexed?

Those two examples are identical and won't have any effect on your rankings or pages indexed.... Read More

seo - Help! My articles are not indexed correctly by search engines

When I search for the exact URL, the page does not come up in Google, which means it is not indexed yet. When you changed the templates and language, did the URLs change? If so then Google simply has... Read More

search engines - Same page in different "locations" on same site - duplicate content?

If you're using canonical URLs, and you are, you're fine. Canonical URLs were created for the very scenario you are experiencing. Don't change or worry about a thing. :)... Read More

search engines - Is it OK for SEO to remove 10 of 16 translations of our site in subdirectories?

If you are using an analytics platform like Google Analytics you can check how much organic traffic are those languages generating. If you remove them, you will not rank anymore and therefore you wil... Read More

seo - Do search engine spiders send an HTTP referrer?

Ususally they don't (e.g., Google bot doesn't). From my log files: - - [10/Sep/2011:14:50:38 +0200] "GET /mailman/admin/mailman HTTP/1.1" 200 2003 "-" "DoCoMo/2.0 N90... Read More

google - Do dedicated IP addresses improve SEO?

The IP address where your website is hosted has no effect on SEO. Since we're probably only talking about Google here, I found this link about how Google's PageRank is not affected by your IP address... Read More

seo - When, if ever, and how, would Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc will add the new gTLD to their search results?

Any idea if they will ever integrate them into the search results? Of course they will. Do you really think the search engines would omit an entire segment of websites just because their TLD is ne... Read More

Should I block search engines with robots.txt on my Facebook app?

Block it. If there's no reason for them to be there by directly accessing that URL then you should do your best to prevent users from stumbling upon it. You never know if there is a vulnerability or... Read More

search engines - The previous owner of my domain hosted pirated content, what is the best course of action?

The damage has been done. You are in deep kimchi and will be for a while. The best thing you can do is wait. It will take quite a bit of time, but in the meantime, make sure that these links remain b... Read More

google - Is it possible to have a stop word list for distinct html pages?

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