duplicate content - Does Google treat different ports as different sites?

Does Google even treat different ports as different sites? Yes. Google can and does index URLs with non-standard ports, as relayed here by Google's Matt Cutts, and also confirmed in a comment to th... Read More

sitemap - How to tell which URLs have fallen out of search engine index

You can find out what pages Google indexes by searching Google for "" or "" if you use the www prefix. You could compare this list with your sitemap to discover... Read More

seo - It's possible to Index by google page's anchor (#) as a page

John who is Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google has given a answer for your question. We don't index those separately, so if you're using them all for the same page, then that's totally fine :) Sour... Read More

search engines - Is it OK for SEO to remove 10 of 16 translations of our site in subdirectories?

If you are using an analytics platform like Google Analytics you can check how much organic traffic are those languages generating. If you remove them, you will not rank anymore and therefore you wil... Read More

Images not being shown in Google Image Search after redesign

You can scan your site or it's development copy with tools like Xenu (free) or/and Screaming frog SEO spider tool (free up to 500 URLS). I think this is the easiest way to check your robots.txt file... Read More

Will switching from home grown news page to a Facebook feed hurt SEO?

tl;dr: Yes! You are going to embed a remote site, this means the SEO points go to the remote site. If you want to keep the SEO points you need to display the data in pages on your domain, you could t... Read More

seo - How can I get Google to not index archive pages in Blogger?

I believe what you want is to add this inside the <head> tags in your site's template - this should be a conditional piece of code that adds a noindex meta tag to ONLY your archive pages: <b:if cond=... Read More

search engine indexing - Is it possible for Google to discover a website that is not linked to anywhere?

You never know who might be aware of your "hidden pages". Anybody could link to these pages from their site without you even knowing about it. Matt Cutts from Google has addressed this in one of his... Read More

search engine indexing - After adding *.xls to robots.txt how long will the results continue to show up in google

It varies by website. Each search engine crawls each website at different rates. But if you want those files removed from the search engine results sooner rather then later you can remove them via th... Read More

google search console - Cannot index URL with parameter, appended to prevent redirect on first access. "Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical" message

When you submit a url with a parameter to Google, Google Bot will try to access to the same Url without any parameter. So the best practice is toyour url /learn and to have a separate link to the url... Read More