physics - How plausible does the power source for this fictional giant robot sound?

Lets just start with the Japanium question. Is there some magical element which would release energy only in the form of visible light photons? Well, maybe. Nuclear isomers are excited states of regu... Read More

reality check - Why would a country employ a robotic police force?

Why do robots ever get deployed for anything? When they are cheaper. When they are better (more accurate, etc.). When the work is dangerous. Dangerous So how does that apply to law enforcement? L... Read More

science based - Batteries for droids

As with all things where you need a lot of power stored compactly, I'd argue that R2D2 is nuclear. More specifically, he probably comes equipped with an RTG - Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator. A... Read More

You are a kind hard-working robot, you were hacked into to kill an entire race, how do you react?

So your robots appear to be of two parts, which for parallel and simplicity I'll dub "the mind" and "the machine", glossing over that both parts are actually machines. The fact that "mind" can be for... Read More

robots - Spaceship boarding drone

Assumption: this is not explicitly stated in question, but from wording I infer that ships are crewed. You want vacuum capable autocanon spiderdrone. Chassis. Since I couldn't find any relevant spide... Read More

reality check - Disney buys all the rights on sex bots

Strangely enough if you google human-like robotics "companionship" robots are some of the most developed, I guess necessity from the designers and profits from the manufacturers pushes innovation int... Read More

physics - Destructibility of robots made from the strongest materials on the planet

If you forget the "robot" part and just look at the material properties governing armor's ability to stop penetration, you can get a rough answer to your question. Armor From that answer, you learn... Read More

artificial intelligence - Why might Androids be designed to rewrite their programming?

Since the company designed and built the androids it effectively owns them. Getting the androids to rewrite programming will enable the company to not employ human programmers to do the same function... Read More

robots - Portable, high-output power generator?

Ant power Okay, not really powering this by ants, but powering it using the same methodology ants use. You will find all answers to your question end in "don't." You don't want to store the energy wi... Read More

Best way for a robot to drink?

If it is just for the intake of water, you could in principle use a tube connected to a pump for sucking in water. Since you are bound to a humanoid configuration, you have various possibilities on... Read More