multithreading - Python time.sleep() vs event.wait()

Using exit_flag.wait(timeout=DELAY) will be more responsive, because you'll break out of the while loop instantly when exit_flag is set. With time.sleep, even after the event is set, you're going to... Read More

Run Python Console via docker-compose on Pycharm

I think that this is an dependency chain problem, web depends on python so, when the python container gets up, web one still not exists. That may cause the error. Cheers... Read More

python - anaconda update all possible packages?

TL;DR: dependency conflicts: Updating one requires (by it's requirements) to downgrade another You are right: conda update --all is actually the way to go1. Conda always tries to upgrade the package... Read More

python - KeyError in module 'threading' after a successful py.test run

I observed a similar issue and decided to see what's going on exactly - let me describe my findings. I hope someone will find it useful. Short story It is indeed related to monkey-patching the thread... Read More

Python: Pandas Dataframe how to multiply entire column with a scalar

try using apply function. df['quantity'] = df['quantity'].apply(lambda x: x*-1)... Read More

python - Multiprocessing - Pipe vs Queue

A Pipe() can only have two endpoints. A Queue() can have multiple producers and consumers. When to use them If you need more than two points to communicate, use a Queue(). If you need absolute perf... Read More

Concurrent.futures vs Multiprocessing in Python 3

I wouldn't call concurrent.futures more "advanced" - it's a simpler interface that works very much the same regardless of whether you use multiple threads or multiple processes as the underlying para... Read More

python - Which PEP's are must reads?

Definitely PEP 8, a Style Guide for Python.... Read More

python - sys.argv[1] meaning in script

I would like to note that previous answers made many assumptions about the user's knowledge. This answer attempts to answer the question at a more tutorial level. For every invocation of Python, sys.... Read More

python - Cartesian product of x and y array points into single array of 2D points

A canonical cartesian_product (almost) There are many approaches to this problem with different properties. Some are faster than others, and some are more general-purpose. After a lot of testing and... Read More