input - In a program what to say when the user enters the wrong type? e.g. number entered when yes/no expected

Since it's a CLI, I don't think you need to explain too much. I'm assuming the end user is somewhat tech savvy, so they should be used to providing input the way you describe. My only recommendation... Read More

programming - Are there recommended books/readings for advanced option pricing

Jim Gatheral's The Volatility Surface: A Practitioner's Guide is a classic. Espen Gaarder Haug (the Collector), The Complete Guide to Option Pricing Formulas tells you how to price dozens of exotic o... Read More

website design - Is marketing the closest career to UX?

UX as a term and discipline is somewhat new. Prior to it being called UX it was often call HCI (Human Computer Interaction). Today, now, aside from recent grads, most UX professionals do not have a... Read More

programming - Converting an American option to European option

You can use the standard black-scholes formula to price an european option. The only parameter you do not know to use the formula is the volatility. If you have the price of an american option then y... Read More

programming - How to simulate stock prices with stochastic time change subordinated arithmetic Brownian Motion?

Here it is. Returns here are normally distributed by construction. It doesn't involve time scale, you can use time, volume, or any other "activity". >> sigma = 0.001; >> mu = 0; >> returns = mu + sig... Read More

programming - Is there a charting API which allows to replicate Bloomberg chart tool features?

if you are dealing with FX data only; i have found MetaTrader to be the best. my automated trading system is built in Java; and I output data files to MT4 folder; that get picked up automatically by... Read More

guidelines - Which keyboard shortcuts to chose on cross-platform software?

The keyboard shortcuts that your application uses should be the ones that your users expect to use. Keyboard shortcuts are easiest to remember and most useful when they are consistent. As you have id... Read More

What programming language is best suited for implementing DeMark?

Any kind of language would work. I suppose that if you really want it to be 'prettier than most', go with a language such as OCaml or F#. Pattern-matching will let you make code more readable than ha... Read More

image processing - How can I control exposure via a smartphone API when lighting changes?

If I understand you right you have your camera on your phone and you're composing the picture and when something bright enters the screen the lighting 'appears' to change (probably the whole screen g... Read More

option pricing - What tools are used to numerically solve differential equations in Quantitative Finance?

Except in highly unusual cases, financial PDEs lack analytic solutions. The mathematical tools used are Monte Carlo, plus the usual ones for solving PDEs on grids, almost always one of the following:... Read More