pricing - Which interest rate model for which product

The model of choice depends on the purpose of the exercise. In general there are two types of models: Equilibrium models: These are general used use for "fitting" the spot curve to the discount func... Read More

pricing - How does Hanson's Market Maker (LMSR) work?

It does create a see-saw. This can be reduced by having it charge a slightly bigger spread, which gets contributed to b. In this way, b effectively becomes a market making fund, and volatility decrea... Read More

pricing - Time of Nasdaq daily close price

Neither. Nasdaq publishes a close price at 4:01:30 p.m. ET known as the Nasdaq Official Close Price ("NOCP"). Nasdaq also amends this price up to 5:15 p.m. ET if any trades that were used to calculat... Read More

pricing - How much should a drone operator get paid for their service?

I am in the same business. Basically I break my pricing into three parts - labour (pilot + observer), per battery and delivery (editing, video post, etc) The labour is the rate I need to charge for... Read More

registration - Is it a good idea to require users give an email address to see our prices?

I've been suggested it might be a good idea to require an email address for the first two plans before showing the price. This would also discourage people from staying on your site. I personally wou... Read More

pricing - What license should I be using when selling to reproduction companies?

For limited sales I'm using Hahnemuehle's authenticity certificate system. Pricing is about $3.40 per certificate. Regarding the postcards, you are selling the usage of the photo for a period of time... Read More

marketing - Is it a good idea to include price in an ad?

Yes, why not? If the price is one of the main decisive factors, I cannot see anything against it. You should just make sure that the price user will see after clicking the ad is the same (which is mo... Read More

registration - Which trial experience is better?

Depending on what the app does, more creative solutions may be found. As @Peter said, nagging every 5 minutes is extremely annoying and it makes users hate you, right at the point where you most need... Read More

pricing - What to charge for a large Family portrait?

If you are in the U.S., the price of most photographic equipment is depreciated over five years. That brings your equipment cost to about $30 per week, so if you figure on two or three clients a week... Read More

How to derive Black's formula for the valuation of an option on a future?

European option on future To price European Option on Future, you just need to replace $S_0$ with $Fe^{-rT}$ in your original BS formula or you can use risk neutral approach. Both will lead to same V... Read More