c++ - Is there a reason why not to use link-time optimization (LTO)?

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python - Are list-comprehensions and functional functions faster than "for loops"?

The following are rough guidelines and educated guesses based on experience. You should timeit or profile your concrete use case to get hard numbers, and those numbers may occasionally disagree with... Read More

c++ - vector or map, which one to use?

I presume you're comparing map<A, B> with vector<pair<A, B> >. Firstly, finding an item in a very small vector can easily be faster than the same thing in a map, because all the memory in a vector is... Read More

python - Why are some float < integer comparisons four times slower than others?

A comment in the Python source code for float objects acknowledges that: Comparison is pretty much a nightmare This is especially true when comparing a float to an integer, because, unlike floats,... Read More

reference - How to "return an object" in C++?

I don't want to return a copied value because it's inefficient Prove it. Look up RVO and NRVO, and in C++0x move-semantics. In most cases in C++03, an out parameter is just a good way to make your... Read More

WordPress MySQL Performance

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performance - Should I use multiplication or division?

Python: time python -c 'for i in xrange(int(1e8)): t=12341234234.234 / 2.0' real 0m26.676s user 0m25.154s sys 0m0.076s time python -c 'for i in xrange(int(1e8)): t=12341234234.234 * 0.5' r... Read More

performance - Why is tuple faster than list in Python?

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Hierarchical vs Flat Keyword Lists and Performance in Lightroom

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mysql - MyISAM versus InnoDB

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