Parsing JSON in Excel VBA

If you want to build on top of ScriptControl, you can add a few helper method to get at the required information. The JScriptTypeInfo object is a bit unfortunate: it contains all the relevant informa... Read More

parsing - How to parse a month name (string) to an integer for comparison in C#?

DateTime.ParseExact(monthName, "MMMM", CultureInfo.CurrentCulture ).Month Although, for your purposes, you'll probably be better off just creating a Dictionary<string, int> mapping the month's name t... Read More

algorithm - What is the difference between LR(0) and SLR parsing?

Both LR(0) and SLR(1) parsers are bottom-up, directional, predictive parsers. This means that The parsers attempt to apply productions in reverse to reduce the input sentence back to the start symbo... Read More

java - Parse a URI String into Name-Value Collection

If you are looking for a way to achieve it without using an external library, the following code will help you. public static Map<String, String> splitQuery(URL url) throws UnsupportedEncodingExcepti... Read More

java - How to check that a string is parseable to a double?

Apache, as usual, has a good answer from Apache Commons-Lang in the form of NumberUtils.isCreatable(String). Handles nulls, no try/catch block required.... Read More

Splitting on last delimiter in Python string?

Use .rsplit() or .rpartition() instead: s.rsplit(',', 1) s.rpartition(',') str.rsplit() lets you specify how many times to split, while str.rpartition() only splits once but always returns a fixed n... Read More

parsing - How to write a Parser in C#?

I have implemented several parsers in C# - hand-written and tool generated. A very good introductory tutorial on parsing in general is Let's Build a Compiler - it demonstrates how to build a recursiv... Read More

Best way to compare 2 XML documents in Java

Sounds like a job for XMLUnit Example: public class SomeTest extends XMLTestCase { @Test public void test() { String xml1 = ... String... Read More

r - What specifically are the dangers of eval(parse(...))?

Most of the arguments against eval(parse(...)) arise not because of security concerns, after all, no claims are made about R being a safe interface to expose to the Internet, but rather because such... Read More

parsing - How to parse/read a YAML file into a Python object?

If your YAML file looks like this: # tree format treeroot: branch1: name: Node 1 branch1-1: name: Node 1-1 branch2: name: Node 2 branch2-1:... Read More