medieval - What tactics would be employed by armies with different light preferences?

Attacks will occur when the attackers choose One general principle of military engagements is that the defenders choose the ground, the attackers choose the time. No one is going to choose to attack... Read More

strategy - Modern military through a portal logistics

If the invasion is planned in advance, the question would be flipped around: generals would ask "how can we get everything we need through the portal?". The portals used in the Stargate TV series are... Read More

military - Nuclear-powered helicopter?

This isn't really a worldbuidling question, but to give a quick answer: No. The weight of the: Shielding required to avoid irradiating the crew / passengers. Mechanism to transfer heat from the reac... Read More

reality check - Martian warfare: could motorcycles be used in war?

In lower gravity, like it happens on Mars, any jump will last longer. And motorcycles, while in a jump, can do little to no steering. So at any jump your attack motorbike will have, it will basicall... Read More

military - How Many Soldiers are Needed to Patrol/Defend a Medieval Wall?

Patroling The normal patrolling of a wall can be parallelised: substantial fortifications are invariably broken up by regular watchtowers and the guards in one watchtower are responsible for patrolli... Read More

reality check - The practicality of Corinthian-style combat helmets

A heavy helmet makes it hard to turn your head This might seem trivial, and it is in most situations, but if you don't need a heavy helmet, you shouldn't wear one. The more armor and electronics are... Read More

warfare - What is a viable military strategy for a distantly disjoined country?

Play off blue against red. The parallel is Mongolia. Mongolia is a landlocked buffer state between Russia and China, and before... Read More

magic - How damaging would the loss of hearing, smell and sense of touch be on an open battlefield?

Lethal Smell isn't the most important, but touch and hearing are. Touch represents all the tactile sensations in battle - i.e. your grip on your sword, for instance. Admittedly not much of a problem... Read More

science based - Conquering a Metropolis with near-zero own casualties

Drone warfare Your people might not be disposable but you have the money and you have the toys. There's no reason to actually send any of your people within 500miles of the place. So you lose a few d... Read More

reality check - Land power and science fiction militaries

Personally i think you got the wrong idea about the effectiveness of Air and naval warfare. Most of the war between Germany and Britain during world war 2 was fought in the skies. The effectiveness... Read More