performance - java how expensive is a method call

Would it be more optimal for me to just copy and paste the two lines in my clear() method into the constructor instead of calling the actual method? The compiler can perform that optimization. And... Read More

Python 3 string.join() equivalent?

'.'.join() or ".".join().. So any string instance has the method join()... Read More

Java variable number or arguments for a method

That's correct. You can find more about it in the Oracle guide on varargs. Here's an example: void foo(String... args) { for (String arg : args) { System.out.println(arg); } } which... Read More

java - Why not abstract fields?

You can do what you described by having a final field in your abstract class that is initialised in its constructor (untested code): abstract class Base { final String errMsg; Base(String m... Read More

javascript - The reason to use JS .call() method?

call is used when you want to control the scope that will be used in the function called. You might want the this keyword to be something else than the scope you assigned the function to, in those ca... Read More

python - Why do some functions have underscores "__" before and after the function name?

From the Python PEP 8 -- Style Guide for Python Code: Descriptive: Naming Styles The following special forms using leading or trailing underscores are recognized (these can generally be combined wit... Read More

inheritance - Overriding vs Hiding Java - Confused

Overriding basically supports late binding. Therefore, it's decided at run time which method will be called. It is for non-static methods. Hiding is for all other members (static methods, instance me... Read More

java - Why is a static method considered a method?

This quote from may help: A method that is declared static is called a class method. A method that is not declared static is called an instance method [...]. Class methods: associated with... Read More

inheritance - Python Method overriding, does signature matter?

In Python, methods are just key-value pairs in the dictionary attached to the class. When you are deriving a class from a base class, you are essentially saying that method name will be looked into f... Read More

Making java method arguments as final

As a formal method parameter is a local variable, you can access them from inner anonymous classes only if they are declared as final. This saves you from declaring another local final variable in t... Read More