Loop through an array in JavaScript

You have several options: 1. Sequential for loop: var myStringArray = ["Hello","World"]; var arrayLength = myStringArray.length; for (var i = 0; i < arrayLength; i++) { console.log(myStringArray[... Read More

r - Is the "*apply" family really not vectorized?

First of all, in your example you make tests on a "data.frame" which is not fair for colMeans, apply and "[.data.frame" since they have an overhead: system.time(as.matrix(m)) #called by `colMeans` a... Read More

performance - Speed up the loop operation in R

Biggest problem and root of ineffectiveness is indexing data.frame, I mean all this lines where you use temp[,]. Try to avoid this as much as possible. I took your function, change indexing and here... Read More

Iterate over two arrays simultaneously in bash

From anishsane's answer and the comments therein we now know what you want. Here's the same thing in a bashier style, using a for loop. See the Looping Constructs section in the reference manual. I'm... Read More

iterator - Scala downwards or decreasing for loop?

scala> 10 to 1 by -1 res1: scala.collection.immutable.Range = Range(10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1)... Read More

loops - What is the difference between range and xrange functions in Python 2.X?

In Python 2.x: range creates a list, so if you do range(1, 10000000) it creates a list in memory with 9999999 elements. xrange is a sequence object that evaluates lazily. In Python 3, range does t... Read More

python - Pythonic way to combine FOR loop and IF statement

You can use generator expressions like this: gen = (x for x in xyz if x not in a) for x in gen: print x... Read More

javascript - Looping through array and removing items, without breaking for loop

The array is being re-indexed when you do a .splice(), which means you'll skip over an index when one is removed, and your cached .length is obsolete. To fix it, you'd either need to decrement i afte... Read More

Tell the end of a .each loop in ruby

users.each_with_index do |u, index| # some code if index == users.size - 1 # code for the last user end end... Read More

jsp - How to loop over something a specified number of times in JSTL?

The <c:forEach> tag is definitely suitable for this. It has begin and end attributes where you can specify the, well, begin and end. It has a varStatus attribute which puts a LoopTagStatus object in... Read More