Do I have the right lens hood for my Canon 1000D with EF-S 18-55mm kit lens?

That particular lens has a rotating front element which is undesirable for a number of reasons, one being that you can't attach a hood without it rotating (the other main reason being certain filters... Read More

Are there objective tests showing the the impact of a lens hood on image quality where there is no obvious flare?

Every time I accidentally bump my lens hood into a wall, my leg, a sign, or another person I am reminded of why I have a hood on my lens all of the time, even when there's not an obvious flare situat... Read More

troubleshooting - Canon lens hood will not lock (brand new)

The lens hood you bought is for the EF 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM, but the standard kit lens supplied with a Canon EOS 7D Mark II should be an EF 18-135mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM. Though the names are very s... Read More

panasonic lumix - Lens hood visible when shooting in RAW, but not in JPEG

Your camera is almost certainly applying lens correction for geometric distortion to the JPEG images. This results in the edges of the widest angle images being cropped slightly to correct the barrel... Read More

What is the practical purpose of a lens hood if any?

The reduce or prevent lens flare from bright light sources at the edges of the lens. It's not a bad idea to you use lens hood whenever possible as it will help prevent the lens from knocks. I don't r... Read More

Are there any lens hoods with zoom-moveable petals?

There are a few zoom lenses that effectively do what you envision, but it is not due to movements of the hood. Rather, it is due to a retrofocus design that extends the lens barrel fully at the wides... Read More

nikon - How can I find a petal-style lens hood for my Nikkor 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6 (or any lens which doens't have one)?

For a 55-300mm lens in general whether you use a circular or petal shaped hood won't make that much of a difference in terms of performance. That is why few lenses in the telephoto focal length range... Read More

Is it ok to use a lens hood in low light?

It should be fine, but watch out for shadows if you are using flash. Wide angles lenses, particularly with APS-C / DX, tend to throw a shadow, especially with on camera flash. Having the lens hood on... Read More

equipment recommendation - Could I get a lens hood that suits 'all' lenses?

Some lens hoods are an equal size, all the way round (such as for telephoto lenses) whereas others (for medium to wide lenses) protrude more at the top and bottom than they are wide, so I think the a... Read More

How do I properly position a lens hood?

The hood has peaks and valleys because the image is rectangular and thus has a wider field of view horizontally than vertically. The cutouts are needed to prevent the hood vignetting (casting shadows... Read More