lens - 35mm vs 40mm: Does it matter?

You're right that the focal lengths aren't that different. Considering that alone, I wouldn't worry about it, unless you have a particular need. (35mm is a little nicer close quarters, but not by muc... Read More

Why and when would you consider Canon 17-55 lens over 24-105?

A lot of that depends on how you see the world. I'm a bit of a long-lens kind of guy -- in the film days, my walking-around lens was a 90mm/2.8 macro, and I don't think I shot more than a couple of h... Read More

lens - I have a Nikon D5100. What lenses would be good for landscape and night photography?

Without more information specifically about how you envision "landscape" or "night" photography, no one can really give you a specific recommendation without relying on assumptions or their own perso... Read More

lens - What's the difference between Canon EF-S and EF-M?

The EF-M lenses are designed for the new mirrorless camera system, and mount much closer to the sensor than the EF-S lenses (which are designed for DSLRs with a mirror box). You can use EF-S (and EF)... Read More

lens - Is it normal for EF 24-105/4L IS to autofocus when switched to manual focus?

Are you certain that the camera actually changed focus while set to MF? With an IS lens on the camera, you’ll often hear a noise when you half-press the shutter release, but that noise is the image s... Read More

lens - Can screw-in wide angle adapters/converters produce decent quality results?

Everything is a trade-off. ( i.e. , "Good, fast, or cheap; choose any two.") Convertors are cheap, but they pretty much all introduce hard to control chromatic aberration and can reduce sharpness. Th... Read More

equipment recommendation - What lens should I buy?

The standard 18-55mm kit lens that the camera came with is a very standard range. You can capture most things that you could capture with basically any general purpose camera would. The 55-250mm lens... Read More

lens - Why are some zoom lenses "soft" at either end of the focal length range?

Warning: this is yet another of my "book length" answers... :-) Let's start by a quick review of how a zoom lens works. Consider the simplest possible lens design -- a single element. One big problem... Read More

lens - Nikon 18-55: fix shifted focus range

If the lens now focuses closer than before, it means when you put it back together you wound up with the front of the lens further from the camera's sensor than before. Is it possible you flipped a p... Read More

What damage could be caused by touching the rear part of a lens?

Don't worry about it. No, really, don't worry about it, and certainly don't panic. All that's going to happen if somebody touches a lens's glass is that it will get a bit of oil and muck on it, and t... Read More