reflection - At runtime, find all classes in a Java application that extend a base class

I use org.reflections: Reflections reflections = new Reflections("com.mycompany"); Set<Class<? extends MyInterface>> classes = reflections.getSubTypesOf(MyInterface.class); Another example: publ... Read More

inheritance - Which CSS properties are inherited?

Here is the list of all inheritable properies. I'm working with W3C's information, so I'd guess it should be correct. But knowing web browsers (IE specifically), some of these might not be inheritabl... Read More

Python inheritance: TypeError: object.__init__() takes no parameters

You are calling the wrong class name in your super() call: class SimpleHelloWorld(IRCReplyModule): def __init__(self): #super(IRCReplyModule,self).__init__('hello world')... Read More

Java Constructor Inheritance

Suppose constructors were inherited... then because every class eventually derives from Object, every class would end up with a parameterless constructor. That's a bad idea. What exactly would you ex... Read More

class - ruby inheritance vs mixins

I just read about this topic in The Well-Grounded Rubyist (great book, by the way). The author does a better job of explaining than I would so I'll quote him: No single rule or formula always result... Read More

javascript - Use of .apply() with 'new' operator. Is this possible?

With ECMAScript5's Function.prototype.bind things get pretty clean: function newCall(Cls) { return new (Function.prototype.bind.apply(Cls, arguments)); // or even // return new (Cls.bind.... Read More

inheritance - Overriding vs Hiding Java - Confused

Overriding basically supports late binding. Therefore, it's decided at run time which method will be called. It is for non-static methods. Hiding is for all other members (static methods, instance me... Read More

ios - Swift enum inheritance

In Swift language, we have Structs, Enum and Classes. Struct and Enum are passed by copy but Classes are passed by reference. Only Classes support inheritance, Enum and Struct don't. So to answer yo... Read More

oop - is it possible to call overridden method from parent struct in Golang?

As you wrote, what Go has is not really inheritance, the method that allows inheritance like features is called Embedding. What it means basically i... Read More

c++ - Is there a way to instantiate objects from a string holding their class name?

Nope, there is none, unless you do the mapping yourself. C++ has no mechanism to create objects whose types are determined at runtime. You can use a map to do that mapping yourself, though: template<... Read More