c# - How to get the the dimensions of an image file?

System.Drawing.Image img = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(@"c:\ggs\ggs Access\images\members\1.jpg"); MessageBox.Show("Width: " + img.Width + ", Height: " + img.Height);... Read More

404 Error showing for Asset Images

Figured it out. I assumed that my assets folder needed 744 just as the install instructions mentioned for the Craft CMS folders. But, I need to change the permissions to the standard 755. Once I did,... Read More

gui design - Combining rotation and straightening of images

Use Shift for straightening, change cursor shape accordingly. A possible shape is a semicircle placed above the horizon (like a setting sun, though it's by any means not supposed to convey that idea)... Read More

c# - How can I know what image format I get from a stream?

You may checkout the Image.RawFormat property. So once you load the image from the stream you could test: if (ImageFormat.Jpeg.Equals(image.RawFormat)) { // JPEG } else if (ImageFormat.Png.Equals... Read More

How can I indicate that images can be clicked on a mobile site?

Users of mobile devices with touchscreens tend to think all objects of reasonable size can be clicked. Look at any mobile app and you'll find that most images are clickable, yet usually there's no in... Read More

terminology - Is there a name for the reflections used on Apple demo images?

It's usually called " gloss " as the intention is for it to make the image look more glossy. A similar thing is used on iOS icons.... Read More

image - Enterprise Architect: Export UML Diagrams in high quality

As I'm sure you're already aware, you can save a diagram as an image in several formats, including PNG but not TIFF. The quality of the images can be controlled in the options (Tools - Options), "Dia... Read More

html - Drawing an image from a data URL to a canvas

Given a data URL, you can create an image (either on the page or purely in JS) by setting the src of the image to your data URL. For example: var img = new Image; img.src = strDataURI; The drawImage(... Read More

html - How do you stretch an image to fill a <div> while keeping the image's aspect-ratio?

Update 2016: Modern browser behave much better. All you should need to do is to set the image width to 100% (demo) .container img { width: 100%; } Since you don't know the aspect ratio, you'll h... Read More

java - How to add image in a TextView text?

Try this .. txtview.setCompoundDrawablesWithIntrinsicBounds( R.drawable.image, 0, 0, 0); Also see this.. Try th... Read More