jQuery/JavaScript: accessing contents of an iframe

If the <iframe> is from the same domain, the elements are easily accessible as $("#iFrame").contents().find("#someDiv").removeClass("hidden"); Reference... Read More

javascript - How to move an iFrame in the DOM without losing its state?

It isn't possible to move an iframe from one place in the dom to another without it reloading. Here is an example to show that even using native JavaScript the iFrames still reload: http://jsfiddle.... Read More

facebook - firebug: how to cd to an iframe

use one of these commands: cd(frames[0]) cd(frames["iframe_canvas"]) and cd(top) to return to the main window. Still, due to a bug this currently doesn't work on cross-domain-iframes (http://code.... Read More

Scale iFrame css width 100% like an image

Big difference between an image and an iframe is the fact that an image keeps its aspect-ratio. You could combine an image and an iframe with will result in a responsive iframe. Hope this answerers y... Read More

google analytics - Avoid inflated pageviews when iframing your own webpage?

You could add a little JavaScript to check whether the GoogleAnalytics should be activated on that page or not. First, you can detect that the IFrame page is an IFrame with the following: if(window.s... Read More

html - Make Iframe to fit 100% of container's remaining height

Update in 2019 TL;DR: Today the best option is the last one in this answer - flexbox. Everything supports it nicely and has for years. Go for that and don't look back. The rest of this answer is left... Read More

wordpress - How to display non-SSL images on HTTPS connection?

They don't show up on the sites after SSL is installed tho of course. Because the browser issues a security warning. The only way round this is to change all requests to HTTPS. If the site you are... Read More

iframe - How to prevent "framing"?

Use a frame breaker script: <script type="javascript"> if(location.href!=top.location.href){ top.location.href=location.href } </script>... Read More

css - Override body style for content in an iframe

The below only works if the iframe content is from the same parent domain. The following jquery script works for me. Tested on Chrome and IE8. The inner iframe references a page that is on the same d... Read More

css - Change New Google Recaptcha (v2) Width

Here is a work around but not always a great one, depending on how much you scale it. Explanation can be found here: https://www.geekgoddess.com/how-to-resize-the-google-nocaptcha-recaptcha/ .g-recap... Read More