html - How to add a browser tab icon (favicon) for a website?

There are actually two ways to add a favicon to a website. <link rel="icon"> Simply add the following code to the <head> element: <link rel="icon" href=""> PNG favicons... Read More

How to trigger HTML button when you press Enter in textbox?

$(document).ready(function(){ $('#TextBoxId').keypress(function(e){ if(e.keyCode==13) $('#linkadd').click(); }); });... Read More

html - Styling text input caret

'Caret' is the word you are looking for. I do believe though, that it is part of the browsers design, and not within the grasp of css. However, here is an interesting write up on simulating a caret c... Read More

html - How to detect a mobile device with JavaScript?

I know this answer is coming 3 years late but none of the other answers are indeed 100% correct. If you would like to detect if the user is on ANY form of mobile device (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Win... Read More

html - How do you stretch an image to fill a <div> while keeping the image's aspect-ratio?

Update 2016: Modern browser behave much better. All you should need to do is to set the image width to 100% (demo) .container img { width: 100%; } Since you don't know the aspect ratio, you'll h... Read More

javascript - Form onSubmit determine which submit button was pressed

<form onsubmit="alert(this.submitted); return false;"> <input onclick="this.form.submitted=this.value;" type="submit" value="Yes" /> <input onclick="this.form.submitted=this.value;" type="sub... Read More

Html5 data-* with mvc TextboxFor html attributes

You could use underscore (_) and the helper is intelligent enough to do the rest: @Html.TextBoxFor( model => model.Country.CountryName, new { data_url = Url.Action("CountryContains", "Geo")... Read More

html - CSS "and" selector - Can I select elements that have multiple classes?

You use both ( without space between them ) .checked.featured{ // ... } Reference: Example div{margin:1em;padding:1em;} .checked{color:green;} .feature... Read More

html - Javascript Confirm popup Yes, No button instead of OK and Cancel

Unfortunately, there is no cross-browser support for opening a confirmation dialog that is not the default OK/Cancel pair. The solution you provided uses VBScript, which is only available in IE. I wo... Read More

html - Scale image to fit a bounding box

Thanks to CSS3 there is a solution ! The solution is to put the image as background-image and then set the background-size to contain. HTML <div class='bounding-box'> </div> CSS .bounding-box { bac... Read More