java - How to draw a filled triangle in android canvas?

Ok I've done it. I'm sharing this code in case someone else will need it: super.draw(canvas, mapView, true); Paint paint = new Paint(Paint.ANTI_ALIAS_FLAG); paint.setStrokeWidth(2); paint.setColor(... Read More

android - Rejecting re-init on previously-failed class java.lang.Class<nt>: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

I would try a clean and reset-cache. File -> Invalidate Cache and restart... Read More

javascript - Clip Google Maps JS API ImageMapType to a polygon

I have written the code for an overlay map type that does what you want. Be sure to test in your target browsers. Fiddle function ClipMapType(polygon, map) { this.tileSize = new google.maps.Size(25... Read More

Add Google Map to my Google Calendar

Per this Google Calendar help link there is at least a way to link a map location to an event, though it is not exactly what you want to do, it's close. When you fill in the "Where" field on the "Cr... Read More

How to remove a location from Google Maps?

You can report the error to Google from the marker on the map. After you search for a place, click the appropriate marker. The info window appears. Click Edit > Report a problem. Select the issue th... Read More

javascript - Google Maps: Auto close open InfoWindows?

There is a close() function for InfoWindows. Just keep track of the last opened window, and call the close function on it when a new window is created. This demo has the functionality you're looking... Read More

Is there a way to return to satellite view with latest Google Maps?

The Lite mode of the new Google Maps does not include the 3D Earth view or other 3D functionality. You can see if you are in lite mode by looking for the "Lite mode" indicator in the bottom right cor... Read More

javascript - What's the API Key for in Google Maps API V3?

Whilst it is true that V3 of the Google Maps API does not require an API key, it is there for a reason. Google recently introduced the following usage limits: Web sites and applications using each o... Read More

javascript - Google Maps v3: Enforcing min. zoom level when using fitBounds

At this discussion on Google Groups I discovered that basically when you do a fitBounds, the zoom happens asynchronously so you need to capture the zoom and bounds change event. The code in the final... Read More

Is there a quick way of getting a beautiful URL to a Google search query?

When you are on the results page, scroll down to the footer (hit the End key) and click Switch to basic version. You have to do that fast, or the script will add new images and move the footer away.... Read More