Google Open Sans font does not display correct weight in Google Chrome

It turns out I had a desktop version of the "Open Sans Light" font installed in my Windows machine. After reading this thread: Issue 340: Open Sans 400 is showing as condensed light in Chrome and uni... Read More

google chrome - Disable twitter's keyboard shortcut

The problem is for non-windows users I believe. Windows users use Ctrl + F and it works to open up the find interface. But when you're using a Command button with other systems, it seems that it is n... Read More

google chrome - How to keep a flex item from overflowing due to its text?

UPDATE Adding code that works: .container { display: -webkit-flex; } .container>div:first-child{ white-space:nowrap; -webkit-order:1; -webkit-flex: 0 1 auto; /*important*/ text-ov... Read More

Web Scraping in a Google Chrome Extension (JavaScript + Chrome APIs)

Attempt to use XHR2 responseType = "document" and fall back on (new DOMParser).parseFromString(responseText, getResponseHeader("Content-Type")) with my text/html patch. See Read More

What does the Chrome error code (6) in "appcache fetch failed" indicate?

Looking into Chrome source code, those numbers 6, 9 or similar are order numbers of enum. In case of 6, this is NETWORK_ERROR, in case of 9 it is SECURITY_ERROR. Here is source showing that if given... Read More

When running WebDriver with Chrome browser, getting message, "Only local connections are allowed" even though browser launches properly

This is an informational message only. What the message is telling you is that the chromedriver executable will only accept connections from the local machine. Most driver implementations (the Chrome... Read More

Undock Chrome Developer Tools

Click the vertical ellipsis button ( ⋮ ) then choose the desired docking option. (the docking option with the red circle around it, is undock) For older version of Chrome, press and hold the corner... Read More

google chrome - HTML5 video will not loop

Ah, I just stumbled into this exact problem. As it turns out, looping (or any sort of seeking, for that matter) in <video> elements on Chrome only works if the video file was served up by a server th... Read More

javascript - Is there a way to filter network requests using Google Chrome developer tools?

Negative text filters - list results not matching a given query. Use -.png or -.gif or -.jpg as filter in the network panel. Many other negative filters work too. e.g. -mime-type:image/png , -larger... Read More

optimization - Can the double downloads in pages with <link rel="subresource" ...> tags be avoided for user refresh requests?

Chrome is going to remove support for <link rel=subresource> as it's not useful, proprietary, and buggy: Use <link rel=preload> instead.... Read More