Distinct count of custom dimensions in Google Analytics?

Google Analytis does not count the distinct values per day of any metric. You would need to use the API, or export data to spreadsheet software.... Read More

seo - GA IP Anonymisation conflicting with IP exclusion rules?

It does, in fact, appear to affect filters. From my own experience (unfortunately I have no external data or sources to back it up) you need to filter IP addresses without the last octet. So, in ord... Read More

google analytics - Tracking referrals from non-internet resources

You have to add URL parameters to track a visitor from external sources that do not provide referrer data. this may help you: Read More

google analytics - What is referral traffic?

I would check your log files to see if this is referrer traffic to your site as opposed to Google Analytics. There is a new spam technique seen here: How to fight off Google Analytics referrer spamme... Read More

javascript - What could artificially increase the bounce rate reported in Google Analytics?

This will ultimately be an issue for your script provider to debug, (would recommend you contact them directly) unless you have implemented any customizations to their scripts or the Google Analytics... Read More

google analytics - Setting up funnel URLs with regular expressions

These should work /checkout/\d+/your_details /checkout/\d+/review /checkout/\d+/complete I got this from this forum post which helpfully says To test this regular expression, go to the Top Content R... Read More

google analytics - What is the cause of page speed performing extremely poorly on Chrome on Windows and Safari on Linux?

Briefly as you mention your .htaccess file if you have access to the vHost file it is better to shift these declarations into the vHost file as Apache needs to check the .htaccess file for every requ... Read More

advertising - Can I use Google Analytics with commercials from other networks?

Using campaign variables, you can tag the contents of links in your advertisements. This will let you track the inbound performance of your advertising. So, if you have a banner ad on Reddit for exam... Read More

seo - UTM tags for transactional emails

I don't know the best practice but this one I have setup my UTM tags for my eCommerce site For New Account creation Campaign Source : website Campaign Medium : email Campaign Name : newaccountemai... Read More

google analytics - Unexpected traffic from

This is not valid traffic, it is called Referrer Spam , this kind of spam uses a Google Analytics weakness to make fake visits to your site, so they actually never visit your site. This Ghost Referre... Read More