duplicate content - Does Google treat different ports as different sites?

Does Google even treat different ports as different sites? Yes. Google can and does index URLs with non-standard ports, as relayed here by Google's Matt Cutts, and also confirmed in a comment to th... Read More

Why would the number of pages that Google is indexing fluctuate wildly?

its a wholesaler page This would be for me an explaination for such ups and downs. Firstly, not all items are unique - so Google needs time to get this. Secondly, i suppose, that you have a high... Read More

What is Google's tolerance about cloaking with unwanted crawlers (fraudsters, scammers, etc)?

Google only cares that they see the same thing your users see. If you're only serving up different content to these bad crawlers, and your users are getting your normal content and Google is getting... Read More

seo - Is google submitting my search box form?

Google says, sometimes Googlebot may submit GET forms. Specifically, when we encounter a element on a high-quality... Read More

json ld - How do I specify your social profiles to Google?

To clarify, when you say, I tried the troubleshooting section but that doesn't work. There is no area in which you can click "wrong" near your company name, are you referring to troubleshooting for a... Read More

How can I email a photo from Google plus via gmail?

The built in Share functionality is meant to just show a thumbnail, but there is a workaround for a purely Gmail solution. In the compose window you should be able to attach an image. IN the "Add an... Read More

Images not being shown in Google Image Search after redesign

You can scan your site or it's development copy with tools like Xenu (free) or/and Screaming frog SEO spider tool (free up to 500 URLS). I think this is the easiest way to check your robots.txt file... Read More

seo - Google bot hits on files 'apple-app-site-association' and 'assetlinks.json' showing up in Google Webmasters as pages with errors

The file which is being requested is a json file used by some websites to map certain sections of the site and certain pages to a native app so that going into those sections or pages will automatica... Read More

Google result "this site may be hacked" unable to request site review from Webmaster Tools

Okay. Where to begin. When you set up a Webmaster Tools account, essentially a new entry is made into a database and various bits of data needs to be collected such as site performance, and so on tha... Read More

search engine indexing - Is it possible for Google to discover a website that is not linked to anywhere?

You never know who might be aware of your "hidden pages". Anybody could link to these pages from their site without you even knowing about it. Matt Cutts from Google has addressed this in one of his... Read More