github - Why does git revert complain about a missing -m option?

By default git revert refuses to revert a merge commit as what that actually means is ambiguous. I presume that your HEAD is in fact a merge commit. If you want to revert the merge commit, you have t... Read More

github - Git pull / push - unable to access HTTPS, SSL routines seem to be down

Updating TortoiseGit and GCM didn't help me, but updating Git itself did, as per @Frederic's advice in comments. To make sure the new version of Git installs properly... Read More

github - git status shows fatal: bad object HEAD

try this : worked for me _rm -rf .git _ then copy .git from other clone cp<pathofotherrepository>/.git . -r then do _git init _ this should solve your problem , ALL THE BEST... Read More

Is there a limit in the number of GitHub organizations a single account can create?

With most things on GitHub, if you don't see a hard limit published, you'll have to consider the main guideline of "be reasonable". If it gets to a point where you're creating that many organisations... Read More

github - Can the owner of a repo see clones?

The question is too general, but let me answer the question as it stands now. Can the owner of the repo see when someone clones it? No, they cannot. If I go to one of your repositories and clone it... Read More

github - disable git credential-osxkeychain

To help track down the setting, I'd try to use: git config --local credential.helper git config --global credential.helper git config --system credential.helper The first one checks the local repo co... Read More

git - How to clone a Github Gist via SSH protocol?

Yes, it is possible: git clone Just replace with your own Gist ID of course.... Read More

Is there a way to undelete GitHub issue labels?

There is no way to undelete issue labels. Once gone, it's gone. If you had exported a backup of the issues before removing the label(s) then you might be able to go back and reference that to find ou... Read More

git - How to do a GitHub pull request

(In addition of the official "GitHub Help 'Using pull requests' page", see also "Forking vs. Branching in GitHub", "What is the difference between origin and upstream in GitHub") Couple tips on pull... Read More

github - How can I have linked dependencies in a git repo?

You can do this with submodules in git. In your repository, do: git submodule add path_to_repo path_where_you_want_it So, if the library's repository had a URL of git:// Read More