How to get the current branch name in Git?

To display the current branch you're on, without the other branches listed, you can do the following: git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD Reference: Show just the current branch in Git (Sep 2009)... Read More

git push local branch with same name as remote tag

The following command should work. git push origin refs/heads/product-0.2:refs/heads/product-0.2... Read More

macos - How can I display the current branch and folder path in terminal?

Simple way Open ~/.bash_profile in your favorite editor and add the following content to the bottom. Git branch in prompt. parse_git_branch() { git branch 2> /dev/null | sed -e '/^[^*]/d' -e 's/*... Read More

Move the most recent commit(s) to a new branch with Git

Moving to an existing branch If you want to move your commits to an existing branch , it will look like this: git checkout existingbranch git merge master git checkout master git reset --hard HEAD~3... Read More

Visual Studio 2013 git, only Master branch listed

The branch dropdown will only show local branches, it will not show remote branches. You should create a new local branch to track that remote branch. Simply click the New Branch dropdown, and you wi... Read More

repository - How do I rename both a Git local and remote branch name?

There are a few ways to accomplish that: Change your local branch and then push your changes Push the branch to remote with the new name while keeping the original name locally Renaming local and... Read More

How do I clone a specific Git branch?

git clone -b <branch> <remote_repo> Example: git clone -b my-branch With Git 1.7.10 and later, add --single-branch to prevent fetching of all branches. Example, wi... Read More

Branch from a previous commit using Git

You can create the branch via a hash: git branch branchname <sha1-of-commit> Or by using a symbolic reference: git branch branchname HEAD~3 To checkout the branch when creating it, use git checkout... Read More

What is the best (and safest) way to merge a Git branch into master?

How I would do this git checkout master git pull origin master git merge test git push origin master If I have a local branch from a remote one, I don't feel comfortable with merging other branches... Read More

Is there a better way to find out if a local git branch exists?

When I search for 'git check if branch exists' on a search engine, this page is the first one I see. I get what I want, but I'd like to provide a updated answer since the original post was from 2011.... Read More