copywriting - What is an alternative way to display a very large number?

I think (a) * 10^x, e.g. 1.02 * 10^16, is easier for people to read than scientific notation. Even easier would be to just use the abbreviations for the powers of 1000: 107K 44M 392B 602T... Read More

encoding - Why should I use a human readable file format?

It depends The right answer is it depends. If you are writing audio/video data for instance, if you crowbar it into a human readable format, it won't be very readable! And word documents are the clas... Read More

conditional formatting - How to create a checkbox column, that if selected will create a strike-through across the entire row in Google Sheets?

Conditional formatting: If checkbox ticked in cell A1, change color/strikethrough of cells from B1-F1. Insert a checkbox from "Insert" tab to A1. Select the cells (B1-F1) that needs to be of differ... Read More

formatting - How to remove insignificant decimal point in Google Spreadsheets?

closest you can get is to use 1+ column go to 123 or Format select Numbers select More formats select Custom number format... type: #,###.### and corect it with: =IF(RIGHT(A2;1)=".";SUBSTITUTE(A2;".... Read More

html - Wrapping Stack Exchange footer site list?

It is a mistake. They should have used a non-breaking space between 'user' and 'experience'. In HTML it is represented as   or  . I also looked at that and saw "user", and if it weren't for... Read More

formatting - Date range standards?

This Wikipedia article should be what you're looking for. A good chunk of the countries use DMY format (i.e. 2 August 2015), so using that would cover a pretty large amount of people. Quite a few als... Read More

formatting - Insert text into textarea with jQuery

I like the jQuery function extension. However, the this refers to the jQuery object not the DOM object. So I've modified it a little to make it even better (can update in multiple textboxes / textare... Read More

formatting - Is it possible to format small-caps in Google Documents?

Yes you can, but I don't know how to do it, at least not directly. However, it is possible. If you copy in text that's already small caps (e.g. from wikipedia), Docs will preserve the setting. You ca... Read More

formatting - friendly version of date formats

For the second version I'd use E MMM dd yyyy. This will produce 'Tue Jan 11 2011'. I'd be tempted to leave the last format alone. One of the reasons for choosing Year/Month/Day format is to ease in t... Read More

formatting - What are some good Web Tools to help me format my code for blogs?

GitHub's gist service has a rather neat embedding tool and recognises loads of different languages. I've use this to embed code snippet occasionally. Also anything based around GeSHi works great, I'v... Read More