data - Ledoit-Wolf Shrinkage estimator not giving positive definite covariance matrix

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For American options, the longer the maturity, the more choices for the optimal exercises time, then the option value is bigger. For example, consider maturities $T1$ and $T2$, for the same option ex... Read More

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What economics/finance methods and tools can be used to analyze and predict the Bitcoin market?

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programming - How to simulate stock prices with stochastic time change subordinated arithmetic Brownian Motion?

Here it is. Returns here are normally distributed by construction. It doesn't involve time scale, you can use time, volume, or any other "activity". >> sigma = 0.001; >> mu = 0; >> returns = mu + sig... Read More

banks - What would a country adopting Bitcoins as official currency have to reinvent?

TL;DR: In the first instance, my belief is that a government would have to create their own brand of Bitcoin (i.e. a new version of the blockchain) and use that to trade against other currencies. Th... Read More

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There may be two points you are missing: You are allowed to apply the CAPM to calculate the cost of equity $R_e$. However, one of the CAPM assumptions is, that taxes are not taken into account into... Read More