file - Java : How to determine the correct charset encoding of a stream

You cannot determine the encoding of a arbitrary byte stream. This is the nature of encodings. A encoding means a mapping between a byte value and its representation. So every encoding "could" be the... Read More

c# open file with default application and parameters

If you want the file to be opened with the default application, I mean without specifying Acrobat or Reader, you can't open the file in the specified page. On the other hand, if you are Ok with speci... Read More

python - How to open a file using the open with statement

Python allows putting multiple open() statements in a single with. You comma-separate them. Your code would then be: def filter(txt, oldfile, newfile): '''\ Read a list of names from a file l... Read More

java - Difference between getExternalFilesDir and getExternalStorageDirectory()

getExternalFilesDir() It returns the path to files folder inside Android/data/data/your_package/ on your SD card. It is used to store any required files for your app (e.g. images downloaded from web... Read More

Dynamically load a JavaScript file

You may write dynamic script tags (using Prototype): new Element("script", {src: "myBigCodeLibrary.js", type: "text/javascript"}); The problem here is that we do not know when the external script fi... Read More

Open file in a relative location in Python

With this type of thing you need to be careful what your actual working directory is. For example, you may not run the script from the directory the file is in. In this case, you can't just use a rel... Read More

file - Convert URL to normal windows filename Java

The current recommendation (with JDK 1.7+) is to convert URL → URI → Path. So to convert a URL to File, you would say Paths.get(url.toURI()).toFile(). If you can’t use JDK 1.7 yet, I would recommend... Read More

Define all functions in one .R file, call them from another .R file. How, if possible?

You can call source("abc.R") followed by source("xyz.R") (assuming that both these files are in your current working directory. If abc.R is: fooABC <- function(x) { k <- x+1 return(k) } and x... Read More

android - How to programmatically move, copy and delete files and directories on SD?

set the correct permissions in the manifest <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" /> below is a function that will programmatically move your file private void mov... Read More

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