science based - Who would win? Dinosaurs vs Mammals

Most of the super-heavies could be hindered by pot holes, very uneven ground. One of the most dangerous things for a brachiosaurus is a broken leg. It is pretty much done at that point. These animals... Read More

biology - Ability to harden skin at will

Already exists Echinoderm skin already does everything you want. Starfish are your best match, they have both fast hardening and very hard structures when hardened. The skin must go from being elas... Read More

science based - How would a world evolve with regular blizzards?

Let's assume that this is all explained by the presence of the element "handwaivium" The plant life would likely evolve to go dormant for short periods of time, much like some trees have evolved to h... Read More

biology - creatures that uses sounds/vibrations as a defense mechanism

There are examples of sound being used as an attack, one such being sperm whales, unfortunately we don't know much about it as it happens far down in the deep oceans. What we do know is that their ra... Read More

environment - How could magic theoretically alter flora/fauna?

Change the "Event" from what I can tell that this "explosion" event that mergers all animals and plants together would be more on the random mutations side things, then stable side (which is bad very... Read More

reality check - Anatomically Correct Slimes

1. Anatomy If we try and think of slimes as animals in nature, they must be composed of cells, or at the very least one cell. In fact, slimes do show an uncanny similarity to single-celled organisms,... Read More

technology - How do I use late Victorian mad-science to tame lost world megafauna?

Selective Breeding Don't rule out selective breeding too quickly. If any of the megafauna reach sexual maturity within one or two years, a decade is plenty of time for a selective breeding program. B... Read More

economy - In a 'Zootopia' situation who's in power, the Elephant or the Mouse?

It doesn't matter Both will be able to get manual labor jobs unavailable to the other. The elephant will be favored for jobs requiring strength while the mouse will do better with jobs requiring fine... Read More

science based - Reality Check: What sort of jaws would a venomous and omnivorous creature have to carry a human in its mouth?

You want a creature with a human skeleton which can carry an adult human in its mouth. The problem with doing it like a cat is that humans have no scruff. I proposed this method here How to make a sa... Read More

reality check - Is a food chain without plants plausible?

If phytoplankton count as "not plants", and you want a non-oceanic environment, then the answer is quite straightforward: just take the phytoplankton out of the ocean. You could have a planetary ecos... Read More