reality check - Electric Universe: planetary system inside a Red Star

The surface of a red star will be at around 3000 Kelvin, which is hot enough to melt any elements except tungsten, carbon, rhenium, osmium, and tantalum. In fact, everything except carbon and a sligh... Read More

biology - Is it possible that technologically-capable, spacefaring species would depend on a single source of food?

Consider something like the leaf cutter ant, which eat nothing but fungus, they evolved agriculture long before humans existed. They harvest plant material to farm the fungus and have been doing it f... Read More

reality check - Anatomically Correct Snallygaster

TL;DR: You are probably looking at a featherless therizinosaur with steering wings derived from shoulder blades, an internal bladder of lighter-than-air gas, a metallic-looking beak and a multi-appen... Read More

biology - How to evolve fully terrestrial sharks, 100 million years in the future?

Epaulette sharks are known for their terrestrial habits, which can "crawl" across the land like this: Much like an ancient Tetrapodomorph, they crawl with their pectoral and pelvic fins. They can su... Read More

evolution - How long would it take to artificially breed sapience into apes?

I think it would be difficult,as we don't know how to select for the desired path. The preliminary steps that led to the essential traits later might be due to selection pressures for effects we don'... Read More

biology - Could a humanoid species exist with vastly different heights?

If we look at the range of human sizes recorded today: We have Robert Wadlow ad 2.72 meters and Chandra Bahadur Dangi with 0.55 meters, So Humans are already appearing with a variation of 1:5 If we l... Read More

creature design - What would it take to make this "Big cat" species evolve hands?

As others have mentioned, the basic food web needs to change. Felines pouncing on game don't really require hands so much as claws to hold and pin. Reasons this setup could require hands: The feline... Read More

evolution - How do I fit multiple food crop species into close proximity?

Forest Gardening Robert Hart wanted to use the least amount of land to produce the largest amount of food possible. He pioneered a system where you can inter-crop fruit and vegetables into vertical l... Read More

science based - Could there be an ecological relationship in which both parties are harmed?

Something equivalent to the Prisoner's Dilemma might work. If there are two behaviours to choose from for both parties which we might call "mean" and "nice" such that "mean" gives an advantage over "... Read More

evolution - Could a living tube kite creature evolve/ exist?

Giant Pyrosomes are actually a real sea creature that is very similar to what you are describing, except it lives in the ocean and is a colony of organisms in stead of a single organism. It could get... Read More