web app - Should Ribbon be used on the web?

I don't think that there are any web-specific considerations regarding the use of the ribbon. One somewhat relevant factor is that the ribbon is well-designed for the use of keyboard shortcuts which... Read More

localization - Pasting into redactor with Arabic

Update: temp fix as per comments below i fixed with js plugin https://github.com/lindseydiloreto/craft-cpjs Rough and ready hack to only run extra js when editing arabic entry. On CpjsPlugin.php I ed... Read More

ide - Does Notepad++ show all hidden characters?

Yes, it does. The way to enable this depends on your version of Notepad++. On newer versions you can use: Menu View → Show Symbol → *Show All Characters` or Menu View → Show Symbol → Show White Space... Read More

categories - Is it possible to bulk-edit a field across multiple entries at once?

This plugin does it for Craft 3: https://github.com/kffein/craft-bulk-edit... Read More

Setting up Vim for Python

In general, vim is a very powerful regular language editor (macros extend this but we'll ignore that for now). This is because vim's a thin layer on top of ed, and ed isn't much more than a line edit... Read More

editor - Android Studio Collapse definitions and methods

It is called Folding in Android Studio. First make sure it is enabled in config (it should be by default). Go to File -> Settings, then under the IDE Settings area find Editor -> General -> Code Fold... Read More

editor - How to navigate in large project in VIM

VIM has excellent support for tags. Once you have created a tags file for your project, you can jump to a definition or declaration of a method, class, etc., including jumping across files, all insid... Read More

Pretty printing XML files on Emacs

You don't even need to write your own function - sgml-mode (a gnu emacs core module) has a built-in pretty printing function called (sgml-pretty-print ...) which takes region beginning and end argume... Read More

html - Should users be allowed to copy and paste rich text into text?

The question you need to ask is: Will enabling pasting of rich text add value to my application? Will it add more users? Will it help retain users? Will it make them more productive? etc. If the an... Read More

checkboxes - How to convey True, False, No Change to a user editing multiple items at once?

If the individual tickets are visible but you want to be able to modify them as a group, you could keep your checkbox representation of true/false and introduce a set of controls. These wouldn't repr... Read More