php - If Singletons are bad then why is a Service Container good?

Service Locator is just the lesser of two evils so to say. The "lesser" boiling down to these four differences ( at least I can't think of any others right now ): Single Responsibility Principle Serv... Read More

user expectation - Image Compression, Server or Phone?

Battery is usually not that big issue but good internet connection is. You want to keep uploading times and data being uploaded as little as possible. Rescaling images is not that heavy on processin... Read More

design patterns - Designing a Report list page

How meaningful are the report titles? Perhaps a simple list isn't a great solution. I've worked with systems where all the reports were listed alphabetically, and it can be the devils own job finding... Read More

interaction design - Is 'crazy' good?

"We want to be different" is a very common request but is lacking any real context or purpose much of the time. Ask them which apps they use with bouncing icons that they find a joy to use. My guess... Read More

design patterns - Usability of toggles as a filter or sorting mechanism

I wanted to make a simple comment but I don't have the reputation yet ;). Apple is using this type of button (scope button) in some of its app's but its NOT the same way as your screenshot. Apple gav... Read More

gui design - Is a "Clear input" button only for search fields?

Clear buttons are normally provided when the field is being used affect a default view and the user is likely to want to return to that default. For example, to filter the list of all products in a c... Read More

language agnostic - Design Patterns: Abstract Factory vs Factory Method

Hope this helps. It describes the various types of factories. I used Head First Design Patterns as my reference. I used to diagram. Static Factory Is a class with a Static Method to product v... Read More

forms - Best way of selecting one option and a list

If I look at the sketch you provided, I wonder why you don't use one single combobox for everything or just radio buttons from options 1 to 5. So if you really want to gather the first 4 options in o... Read More

design patterns - What is Model View Presenter?

Model View Presenter and Model View Controller both try to solve the same "seperation of concerns" problem. The primary difference you'll find is that Model View Controller (MVC) is often implemented... Read More

Relational Database Design Patterns?

There's a book in Martin Fowler's Signature Series called Refactoring Databases. That provides a list of techniques for refactoring databases. I can't say I've heard a list of database patterns so mu... Read More