biology - Ability to harden skin at will

Already exists Echinoderm skin already does everything you want. Starfish are your best match, they have both fast hardening and very hard structures when hardened. The skin must go from being elas... Read More

creature design - Land running Octopoid anatomy

They would need very different musculature from humans and vertebrates in general, and the gait would also be very different. The locomotory tentacles - two, or three for stability, or four to levera... Read More

biology - What does my dragon sound like?

These dragons make music. Humans are intelligent creatures and we make a bafflingly large variety of sounds. When I listen to popular music there are all sorts of sounds I cannot identify. Heck even... Read More

magic - What should be the limitations of a gift-generating power?

Alternate Rules Make each gift have a cost to the giver. Greater gifts have a greater cost. The cost increases proportional to the amount the receiver wants it. A diamond ring for someone who's star... Read More

science based - Absorbing heat from unlikely places

What you have described is achemical battery and a thermo-electric heat pump all neatley packaged as a sponge. Researchers at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in South Kore... Read More

science based - Largest possible bat

The worlds largest bat, the Golden-Crowned Flying Fox, weighs in at a wingspan of 1.5-1.7 meters and a weight of only 1.5-2.6 lbs. But with these estimates, we can absolutely do better. Introduce Arg... Read More

science based - What kind of organs, anatomy or modifications are needed for my alpha creature to mind control its kin?

It won't require much It doesn't need to be incredibly complex. All it requires is just a biological base for them. It can be an instinct, like a horse knowing to walk quickly after birth, a human kn... Read More

science based - Could a mammal procreate if it existed out of multiple sets of DNA in different cells? If so, how?

As long as they still have specialised reproductive cells akin to eggs and sperm, then yes it's not a problem if the adult exhibits multiple sets of specialised cells that use different DNA. Having s... Read More

reality check - Hard SF (not magical) Vampire

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that the figure of Count Dracula is a fake. I'm quite certain that we're dealing with a new species of vampire bat. One that likes human blood (comin... Read More

reality check - How can I design spacesuits for Anthills?

Space ship is the suit. If it wish to get some information about tiny speck of dirt aka planet it uses proper tool for that, like probes, cyborg ants As multicellar organisms astronauts do not disass... Read More