c++ - Will an 'empty' constructor or destructor do the same thing as the generated one?

It will do the same thing (nothing, in essence). But it's not the same as if you didn't write it. Because writing the destructor will require a working base-class destructor. If the base class destru... Read More

c++ - Default constructor with empty brackets

Most vexing parse This is related to what is known as "C++'s most vexing parse". Basically, anything that can be interpreted by the compiler as a function declaration will be interpreted as a functio... Read More

c++ - How many constructors does the class have?

There is only one constructor corresponding to the posted declaration, not three overloads. The calls Fraction(); Fraction(n); are equivalent to: Fraction(0, 1); Fraction(n, 1); One more way to convi... Read More

java - Accessing constructor of an anonymous class

From the Java Language Specification, section An anonymous class cannot have an explicitly declared constructor. Sorry :( EDIT: As an alternative, you can create some final local variable... Read More

java - Initialize a static final field in the constructor

A constructor will be called each time an instance of the class is created. Thus, the above code means that the value of x will be re-initialized each time an instance is created. But because the var... Read More

java - Cannot reference "X" before supertype constructor has been called, where x is a final variable

The reason why the code would not initially compile is because defaultValue is an instance variable of the class Test, meaning that when an object of type Test is created, a unique instance of defaul... Read More

Java Constructor Inheritance

Suppose constructors were inherited... then because every class eventually derives from Object, every class would end up with a parameterless constructor. That's a bad idea. What exactly would you ex... Read More

Default parameters with C++ constructors

Definitely a matter of style. I prefer constructors with default parameters, so long as the parameters make sense. Classes in the standard use them as well, which speaks in their favor. One thing to... Read More

C# constructors overloading

public Point2D(Point2D point) : this(point.X, point.Y) { }... Read More

javascript - Use of .apply() with 'new' operator. Is this possible?

With ECMAScript5's Function.prototype.bind things get pretty clean: function newCall(Cls) { return new (Function.prototype.bind.apply(Cls, arguments)); // or even // return new (Cls.bind.... Read More