canon - Problems Setting Up 580EX II as Master, 430EX as slave

The 580exII needs to be attached to your camera to be able to trigger things remotely as a master. If you want to trigger both, you need to have another 580exII, ST-E2 wireless transmitter or use the... Read More

Why and when would you consider Canon 17-55 lens over 24-105?

A lot of that depends on how you see the world. I'm a bit of a long-lens kind of guy -- in the film days, my walking-around lens was a 90mm/2.8 macro, and I don't think I shot more than a couple of h... Read More

canon - What could cause this black shape on the photo?

I once noticed what looked like a very large dust goober on a few images as I was shooting an event. It was with a camera that had the same lens attached to it for at least several weeks. Even more c... Read More

lens - What's the difference between Canon EF-S and EF-M?

The EF-M lenses are designed for the new mirrorless camera system, and mount much closer to the sensor than the EF-S lenses (which are designed for DSLRs with a mirror box). You can use EF-S (and EF)... Read More

troubleshooting - Canon G12 LCD screen does not completely fill out with an image

Most probably you have changed the image ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 (or vice versa) and now you have black stripes because screen ratio doesn't match your image ratio. Set the image ratio back to 16:9 (o... Read More

lens - Is it normal for EF 24-105/4L IS to autofocus when switched to manual focus?

Are you certain that the camera actually changed focus while set to MF? With an IS lens on the camera, you’ll often hear a noise when you half-press the shutter release, but that noise is the image s... Read More

raw - How significant is difference in dynamic range between Sony A7 and Canon 5D Mark II?

Although it does not exactly answer your question, this article is really useful to understand what you can do when you have 2+ stops of additional DR available: Nikon vs Canon Dynamic Range It compa... Read More

equipment recommendation - How can I fire a single canon 430ex flash remotely from a Canon 6D camera?

I use this: from cowboy studio or if you have more money I would get this: from Pocketwizard which was just released. Many people also praise the... Read More

canon - Why does the ISO change with the shooting mode when the aperture and shutter speed are constant and using a flash?

Canon uses a stupid, stupid, stupid , way of calculating how intense the flash should be in Av or Tv mode. Basically, the camera meters for ambient light and decides to use the minimum amount of flas... Read More

software - How can I use a Canon EOS-1d with Windows 7, since Canon utilities aren't available?

I've never bothered with the Canon EOS Utility (except to change the copyright info in the camero, not that that is that big a deal anyhow.) I've had great success using Adobe Lightroom. Sure, it cos... Read More