Why doesn't JavaScript support multithreading?

JavaScript does not support multi-threading because the JavaScript interpreter in the browser is a single thread (AFAIK). Even Google Chrome will not let a single web page’s JavaScript run concurrent... Read More

HTML: Why does Android browser show "Go" instead of "Next" in keyboard?

To add to John's answer, Android always adds 'Go' to text inputs and always adds 'Next' to number inputs. I'd love to hear the person responsible for this choice explain their logic. The softkeyboar... Read More

usability study - Can web analytic tools track user's behavior across tabs?

The answer to the updated version of the question is "No. Amazon does not know that you have Barnes & Noble on a different tab." Amazon has no access to the contents of other browser tabs unless thos... Read More

What does it mean when a CSS rule is grayed out in Chrome's element inspector?

For me the current answers didn't explain the issue fully enough, so I am adding this answer which hopefully might be useful to others. Greyed/dimmed out text, can mean either it's a default rule/pr... Read More

javascript - Why is array.push sometimes faster than array[n] = value?

All sorts of factors come into play, most JS implementations use a flat array that converts to sparse storage if it becomes necessary later on. Basically the decision to become sparse is a heuristic... Read More

javascript - server-side browser detection? node.js

var ua = request.headers['user-agent'], $ = {}; if (/mobile/i.test(ua)) $.Mobile = true; if (/like Mac OS X/.test(ua)) { $.iOS = /CPU( iPhone)? OS ([0-9\._]+) like Mac OS X/.exec(ua)[2]... Read More

How do browsers pause/change Javascript when tab or window is not active?

Test One I have written a test specifically for this purpose: Frame Rate Distribution: setInterval vs requestAnimationFrame Note: This test is quite CPU intensive. requestAnimationFrame is not suppo... Read More

ajax - How to manually send HTTP POST requests from Firefox or Chrome browser?

I have been making a Chrome app called Postman for this type of stuff. All the other extensions seemed a bit dated so made my own. It also has a bunch of other features which have been helpful for do... Read More

web - Do websites still have to support Internet Explorer 8 and below?

It strikes me that you probably should have researched your userbase before building the site. But hey, you're in this situation now so you need to deal with it as you find it. I am not surprised tha... Read More

e commerce - Is it user-friendly to not provide the option to filter by price?

Wouldn't it be better to collect statistics for, let's say, a week? Then you could take the decision (or help someone who will decided) based on the behavior of the real users of the site. You can fi... Read More