Limit results in jQuery UI Autocomplete

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Google Autocomplete - enter to select

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usability - Autocomplete returns more than X records

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forms - How to tell the user that an input box is autocomplete-enabled?

Show a downward arrow in the box that implies it's a drop-down. Then, perhaps, supplement it with some small help text. That's how Atlassian JIRA solves the problem and it works quite well:... Read More

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Is missing match in autocomplete feature counter-intuitive?

Yes! It is counter-intuitive; which is why any website that allows user names with single character should begin the check from first letter a user types. It's similar to what Twitter does: ======... Read More

javascript - Google maps Places API V3 autocomplete - select first option on enter

Here is a solution that does not make a geocoding request that may return an incorrect result: It simulates a down-arrow keypress whenever the user hits return... Read More