node webkit - What is the Visual Studio Code editor built on

Visual Studio Code is built using web technologies on top of Github's Electron. Electron is an app runtime for writing native apps that uses Chromium (which Google Chrome is built on) for rendering... Read More

macos - You don't have write permissions for the /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.3.0 directory. (mac user)

You are correct that macOS won't let you change anything with the Ruby version that comes installed with your Mac. However, it's possible to install gems like bundler using a separate version of Ruby... Read More

How to change indentation mode in Atom?

See Soft Tabs and Tab Length under Settings > Editor Settings. To toggle indentation modes quickly you can use Ctrl-Shift-P and search for Editor: Toggle Soft Tabs.... Read More

GitHub Atom - Remove the center line in the editor

This line is provided by the wrap-guide package. You have the following options to remove the line: Option 1 Disable the wrap-guide package. Go to Atom > Preferences > Packages, type "wrap" into the... Read More

Auto-save in Atom Editor

Yes there is auto save package. You can enable autosave in package settings.... Read More

How to uninstall Atom text editor on Linux?

I have posted the same question in the Github Project Repository and this is the complete answer: The commands to execute are: sudo rm /... Read More

indentation - How to replace tabs with spaces in Atom?

Atom has a built-in tool for this Activate the command palette (Shift Cmd P on Mac, Ctrl Shift P on Windows/Linux) and search for "convert space" or "convert tab". You should find these three command... Read More

How to get rid of Atom's Welcome screen

You have two solutions. I think the second achieves the best when you say "to get rid of": By unchecking the option Show On Startup in the configuration of the Welcome plugin (Settings » Packages »... Read More

Keyboard shortcut to convert selection to uppercase (or lowercase) in the atom editor

On Windows and Linux: Ctrl + K then Ctrl + U for uppercase Ctrl + K then Ctrl + L for lowercase On Mac: Cmd + K then Cmd + U for uppercase Cmd + K then Cmd + L for lowercase... Read More

How to upgrade Atom Editor on Linux?

I created the following script to update my atom on Ubuntu 14.10. #!/bin/bash # Update atom from downloaded deb file rm -f /tmp/atom.deb curl -L > /tmp/atom.deb dpkg --in... Read More