You can write your own function that accepts a string and converts it to a Date using the format you want, then use the setAs to set it as an as method. Then you can use your function as part of the colClasses.


setAs("character","myDate", function(from) as.Date(from, format="%d/%m/%Y") )

tmp <- c("1, 15/08/2008", "2, 23/05/2010")
con <- textConnection(tmp)

tmp2 <- read.csv(con, colClasses=c('numeric','myDate'), header=FALSE)

Then modify if needed to work for your data.

Edit ---

You might want to run setClass('myDate') first to avoid the warning (you can ignore the warning, but it can get annoying if you do this a lot and this is a simple call that gets rid of it).