I used to do the same with open('some_file.txt') as fp: but then I needed images, videos and other real files in the repo and also I was testing a part of a Django core component that is well tested, so currently this is what I have been doing:

from django.core.files.uploadedfile import SimpleUploadedFile

def test_upload_video(self):
    video = SimpleUploadedFile("file.mp4", "file_content", content_type="video/mp4")
    self.client.post(reverse('app:some_view'), {'video': video})
    # some important assertions ...

In Python 3.5+ you need to use bytes object instead of str. Change "file_content" to b"file_content"

It's been working fine, SimpleUploadedFile creates an InMemoryFile that behaves like a regular upload and you can pick the name, content and content type.