Inside your project, there should be a .gitattributes file. Most of the time, it should look like below (or this screen-shot):

# Handle line endings automatically for files detected as text 
# and leave all files detected as binary untouched.
* text=auto

# Never modify line endings of our bash scripts
*.sh -crlf

# The above will handle all files NOT found below
# These files are text and should be normalized (Convert crlf => lf)
*.css           text
*.html          text
*.java          text
*.js            text
*.json          text
*.properties    text
*.txt           text
*.xml           text

# These files are binary and should be left untouched
# (binary is macro for -text -diff)
*.class         binary
*.jar           binary
*.gif           binary
*.jpg           binary
*.png           binary

Change * text=auto to * text=false to disable automatic handling (see screen-shot).

Like this:

enter image description here

If your project doesn't have a .gitattributes file, then the line endings are set by your git configurations. To change your git configurations, do this:

Go to the config file in this directory:

1) C:\ProgramData\Git\config

2) Open up the config file in Notepad++ (or whatever text editor you prefer)

3) Change "autocrlf=" to false.

enter image description here