About Flisks

First all of. Thank you for visiting!

After many months of running site. I have done my best to make it easy and useful to many people.

My name is Flisks and I'm a Software Engineer. My favorite part of coding is data crawling.

As you may know, there are many Q&A sites you can find on the Internet nowadays with many useful answers in those communities. However, sometimes you could trouble in finding the best and working answer.

Flisks is a tool to find and summarize various questions that it could find on the Internet, ONLY THE BEST and up-to-date answer will be given on each question.

The site is proudly non-profit, non-corporate and non-compromised.

If you wonder about the tech stack that I'm using to build this site, below information would help:

Programming Language: Python (Flask framework)

Database: Postgresql

Web Server: nginx